Thai Lottery Result (1-6-2023) Today Thai Lottery Winners

Thai Lottery Today (1.6.2023) Winners list of the Thai Lottery which is drawn every month on the first and sixteenth of each month on the official website of Thailand’s Lottery, i.  e.

It is possible to check the Thai government Lottery results directly from this website. The government of Thailand officially released the Lottery results on its official website.

So if you want to check the Result Today Live tap the official link of the state of Thailand State Lottery. It is also important to mention that this post will also help you to check out the winners’ list and lottery winning number details for the Thai State Lottery.

thai lottery result

On this page, you will get information related to the Thai Lottery and we are giving you the option to download the Thai Lottery Results. Here we share some VIP tips about lucky numbers in Thailand lottery results.

The first prize for all six correct numbers is 2 million baht (TGL) or 3 million baht (TCL) per lottery ticket if all six numbers are correct. The prize amount is doubled for all prizes except for the bonuses of 22 million and 30 million baht, which are not doubled.

thai government lottery result

There will be five prizes of 100,000 baht each for the second place, ten prizes of 40,000 baht each for the third place, fifty prizes of 20,000 baht each for the fourth place, one hundred prizes of 10,000 baht each for the fifth place, and a 50,000 baht consolation prize for the six-digit winning number plus or minus one

thai lottery result today

thai lottery result today

thailand’s government also deals through a quote system from this facility physically challenged person and disability sign people can also take participation in the Thailand lottery.

thailand lottery result today

thai lottery result

Thai lottery result charts are live now check your winning numbers from the result charts below:

The next draw of the Thai lottery is on (01 June 2023) The Thai lottery is the most famous lottery in Thailand and its winning amount is also much higher than Auro but still, the Thai lotto is the most famous in entire Thailand.

Thai lottery result today

If you want to get real and live updates on the Thai lottery result, you can go through this post and you will get the latest updates on the Thai lottery results. here we also provide free tips to claim prize.

The first prize quantity value is 6 million There is an incredible chance to win a very high investment amount by playing the lotto. The payout ratio is quite favorable.

thai lottery

The Thai government is not corrupt enough to pick a winner among its favorites. For Thailand’s government, everyone is the same, so no tricks are played.

Ignore any website that tries to tell you that there are magic tips and tricks to winning the Thailand lottery because there is no such trick.

There are a lot of websites that do this cheap method to get huge traffic and make money on their websites. There is no trick involved.

The chances of winning the lottery are entirely dependent on the luck of those who hold the tickets. Taking part in lottery games is a great way to try your luck at a reasonable price. Purchasing more Thai lottery tickets is the only way to increase your chances of winning: there is no other technique.

sixline thai lottery result

It is a fact that the more tickets you hold, the greater your chances of winning prize money. It is a pretty good feeling to be in the running for millions of dollars especially when you compare the price of a ticket to the amount of money that you can win in the event you win. After winning the lottery the lottery players have to pay a withholding tax from the winning amount.

It is very important to note that Thai lotteries do not sell single tickets, but rather pair tickets only. It is a monthly draw that is held on the 1st and 16th of every month, with a top prize of up to 32 million baht awarded every time. 

This prize money can be invested in a variety of ways by the winners including purchasing assets such as cars, houses, and property and they can also start their own businesses. The Thai lottery is the best and easy way to try your luck and earn money without any trouble.

There is a 2-year period after the draw date of the lottery in which all winners of the Thai lotto must claim their prize. It will be remitted to the State Revenue Charity Lottery if the payment is past due.

Thai lotto Winners have a right to claim prizes within 10 years of the lottery after the draw date. If the payment has been past due. As a state revenue, it will be remitted to the Thailand government.

The Thai lottery has proven to be a life-changing event for some people who have won it. Lottery games are a great way to try your luck and, if lottery players are lucky, they’ll be able to get a juicy payday if they win. lotteries are just a game of luck.

Thai lottery result today live

A multi-level market was set up for the purchase and sale of Thai government lottery tickets. lottery Tickets were sold by the GLO to national wholesalers commonly referred to as “brokers” in the lottery industry. brokers sold the ticket pairs to the public.

Following this, brokers made the sale to the nation’s 14,760 registered retail vendors who in turn sold to the general public. Thai Lottery tickets are sold by a local agent. The lottery numbers of the tickets are also printed on them.

Thai lottery 3up Digits Tips and Magic Formulas

Consequently, if you would like to get a specific or unique lottery number, you will need to find somebody who is willing to sell you this number. The government lottery office has plans to computerize lottery services in the near future, which will be a part of its future projects.

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I would like to inform you that the lottery ticket costs 40 baht. The lottery parcel contains a total of two tickets, so the prize quantity of the lottery ticket is approximately 80 baht. Each ticket has a six-digit number that is unique to it.

The Thai lottery GLO Foundation, the biggest recipient of tickets, has a fixed quota of 9,213,500 tickets, which will be available only to direct purchasers through Krung Thai Bank.

screenshot of Thai lottery tickets

Thai Lottery Ticket

In Thailand, there are only two forms of lottery tickets that can be purchased. The first lottery ticket is the Thai Government Lottery (TGL) ticket.

The second type of lottery ticket is the Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) ticket. Each lottery ticket has a title printed in the upper left corner of the ticket. 

Except for the names, the only differences between the two are the first prize payout ratio and the amount of tax on winnings that must be paid by the winners.

TGL tickets have a first prize of six million baht, and a bonus prize of 30 million baht, and are taxed at a rate of 0.5%. On the other hand, TCL tickets have a first prize of three million baht, and a bonus prize of 22 million baht, at a rate of 1% withholding tax.

image of Thailand lottery result

Thai lottery tips

If you want to increase your chances of winning in the Thailand lottery results, then here are Thai lottery tips that will help you increase your odds of winning. If you don’t know what winning numbers to choose, then go for the digits of your phone number, your birth date, or even your license plate if you do not have any other choice.

History of the Thailand lottery

The Thailand lottery results were managed by the government of Thailand in accordance with the laws of Thailand. Government Lottery Offices Have Been Operating Under the Government Lottery Office Act B.E 2517.

Which has been in force since B.E 2517 and the Government Lottery Office Act of B.E 2562 which has been in force since B.E 2562. In Section 5, it is stated that there will be the establishment of a Lottery Office, which will be known as the Government Lottery Office.

A Thai lottery result was launched in 1874 when on the occasion of king Chulalongkorn’s birthday (Rama v), the king granted the royal bodyguard department permission to run.

Thai lottery under the supervision of an Englishman to operate European-styled lottery, Alabaster, the director of the lottery office, will be operating it.

As a result of this, in 1917, King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) granted permission to a group of Thai citizens to issue a British patriotic lottery on behalf of the Thai government. There will be a price of 5 baht per ticket at that time.

In 1923, the king (Rama VI) granted special royal permission to issue a lottery named Sua pa volunteer lottery which was the first lottery of its kind in Thailand. 

The aim of this lottery is to raise funds in order to purchase guns for the Sua Pa Volunteers unit. A number of guns were later transferred to the police department as a result of this fund.

Having generated revenue for security purposes, the Thai government decides to generate funds for education and medication.

In 1933, the Thai government decided to issue a government lottery named the Siamese government lottery in order to generate funds for education and medication. 

Considering the success of sua pa volunteer lottery at that time, the lottery was viewed as a very popular lottery among people. As a result, the lottery was considered to be a good way to earn revenue without bothering people at the same time.

Thai lotto is legal in to play everyone above the age of 20 years can participate in the game, Glo regulates the lottery affairs government issued legalized gambling permitted to authorities.

thailand lottery number

Earlier this year, the government authorized the revenue department to conduct a lottery sale in order to make up for the reduction of a draft deferment tax rate that was already in place. 

A municipal lottery was intended to be issued by the Ministry of Interior in 1934 to raise funds for the activities of municipalities in the city.

During this time, 500000 people purchased lottery tickets for a price of 1 baht each. Immediately after that time, government officials began distributing Thailand lottery tickets on a regular basis. Taking care of lottery matters falls under the jurisdiction of the revenue department.

As a result of the introduction of the lottery system in Thailand’s economy, Thailand has made a significant breakthrough in terms of its revenue generation and making huge lottery profits.

In this way, the government can raise revenue without having to raise taxes in order to raise revenue.

In accordance with the resolution, the management was transferred to the ministry of finance after the resolution was adopted. There was an office set up to run major activities connected to the lottery draws after the cabinet had been formed and they had established a lottery draw board.

Thai lotto results Overview

Lottery Name Thai Lottery
Lottery Date 1 April 2023
Managed By Government of Thailand

In order to print its own tickets, the government office starts its own printing facility. Rajdanern Avenue was the first place where the Thailand lottery was opened.

Consequently, the ministry of finance enacted the regulations that would allow the management to function effectively and also amended the law to make sure that tickets would be sold in each province based on the population of the province.

In 1974, the government lottery office was declared a state-owned enterprise by the lottery office act, which legislated that the government lottery office was to perform its activities under the lottery office act.

Under the ministry of finance, there are clear powers and duties that are delegated to this office. The Glo Thailand lottery generates revenue and creates employment opportunities for the Thai community.

The government strictly forbids gambling which leads to earn small prizes. There are only two forms of legalized gambling which are permitted by Glo.

There is no doubt that the Thai lottery is the most popular lottery in Thailand. Every month, the Thai lottery is drawn on the first day of the month (1st) and the sixteenth day of the month (16th).

As there is no corruption among the officials, they are able to pick any of their favorite candidates as the winner of the Thailand lottery.

For the purpose of ensuring transparency, the office requested cooperation from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology.

Chao Khun military campus in Lat Karbang to assist them in the development of a transparent plastic wheel. As a result of this design, the public is able to see how transparent the Thai lottery draws are.

Later, the ministry of finance ordered prizes to be issued in 6 instead of 7 digits, and the selling price to be increased from 20 to 40 baht. In order to solve the underground lottery and over-lottery sale problems, officials issue 3- and 2-digit final numbers for Thai lottery result

Thai Lottery Prizes Details

PrizeQuantityValue ( Baht )
1st01 Number6,000,000
2nd05 Numbers200,000
3rd10 Numbers80,000
4th50 Numbers40,000
Extra Prizes that is Related and the Numbers are Closest to 1st Prize2100,000
In the First 3 Digits: Draw 02 Times20004,000
In the Last Three Digits: Draw 02 Times20004000
In the Two Digits: Draw 1 Time100002000

Thai government lottery result

Screenshot of Thai Lottery Prizes Details

Due to its popularity, Thai lottery officials decided to improve its format and size starting in September 2017. They changed the Thailand lottery format from 80 baht per pair to 80 baht per copy to meet the needs of people and prevent confusion.

In order to achieve the goal of the activity, it is important to assist communities and insist on fairness. Their core value is to provide their customers with the best possible service. Every week many people in Kerala are becoming millionaires and earning lakhs and thousands every year with the help of Kerala Lottery Result Today


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  • R: relationship

How to check thai lottery results?

In order to check the Thai Lottery Result, please follow the steps below in order to do so –

1: The first thing you need to do is go to the official website of the Thai lottery, i.  e.

2: Then you search for Thai lottery results in the navigation menu bar.

3:It is now time for you to click on the lottery result at the bottom of the page.

4: Then you will see a list of all the results that have been found.

5: Click the PDF and you will be able to download this result as a PDF


Where to check Thailand State Lottery Result?

You can check your Thailand Lottery Result on the official website or through our website

What is the process for claiming Thai lottery prize money?

to claim your prize money you will have to complete your claim form, fill out the details on the back of your winning ticket, take a queue number, and when they call, you will have to present the winning ticket as well as your valid identification card or passport in the case of foreigners.

Is it possible to purchase Thai lottery tickets online?

The Thailand lottery can be purchased and booked via the mobile application and through the website of Krung Thai Next and the website, as well as at any Krung Thai branch nationwide from 12:00 to 7:30. The Thailand lottery purchased by the customer will be delivered by Thailand Post.

Is it possible to participate in the Thai lottery as a foreigner?

There is no restriction on who can participate in the draws, whether he or she is Thai or foreign, but the person must be at least 20 years old.

How do Thai lottery numbers get picked?

Thais believe that any number that relates to us in any way is our luckiest number

Thailand State Lottery is managed by whom?

Managing the lottery is the responsibility of the Thai government.


In conclusion, let me share some VIP tips to increase your winning probability

Therefore, if you have no idea what number to pick when you get the lottery just go for the digits of your phone number, birth date, or even the license plate number if you have no other choice.

Many people believe that any number that can be correlated with them in any way is their lucky number.I would like to congratulate all the lucky winners of the Thailand Lotto result and wish them a wonderful day.

Don’t forget to share your winning movements in the comments section below and follow our page to get Thailand lottery results on time.

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