Thai Lottery Result 01 April 2024

If you want to check Thai lottery results, you are at the right place. Lotteries are famous in different countries and very popular in Thailand too. Thai Lottery and horse racing are the only forms of gambling that are legal in Thailand, while the rest are strictly prohibited.

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) is the body that manages and organizes the Thai lottery and works under the administration of the Thai government. GLO has the responsibility of printing and selling the lottery tickets to wholesalers.

Thai Lottery Result 01.04.2024

The government takes some percentage of profit i.e. 28% for state affairs use. According to the 2014 data, 19.2 million people participated in the Thai lottery and spent baht worth 76 million to purchase lotteries.

1st prize3 digit front number prizeThe last 3 digits prizeThe last 2 digits prize
803481122 809559 94790
เลขท้าย 2 ตัว รางวัลละ 2,000 บาท
Side Reward 1st Prize, 2nd Prizes | 100,000 Baht Each
8 0 3 4 8 08 0 3 4 8 2
Lottery Results 2nd Prize there are 5 Prizes Of 200,00 Baht Each
Lottery Results 3rd Prize There are 10 Prizes of 80,000 Baht Prizes
4th Prize there are 50 Prizes, 40,000 baht each
5th Prize Lottery Results There are 100 Prizes, 20,000 Bath Each
005149 066456 174839 255946 337627 431882 557468 660840 807097 904472009510 071077 186133 258560 343526 442182 559366 663977 815118 912914017029 077852 190484 266895 345065 444341 569209 693658 821216 932440030651 092432 190914 270061 346850 446933 591279 728738 825033 944425032408 108756 197770 287751 349559 448930 592785 731380 845091 950123039746 110887 218821 288394 350356 454736 604460 734763 860794 954691049995 124075 219484 299275 368343 474572 618464 735524 861285 957599054969 134947 246067 304267 383374 481752 620277 751191 867535 969410055465 136965 247024 314059 430409 516433 638147 763105 886369 977076063298 138019 254077 323717 431669 548896 657386 790587 902940 993272
Thai Lottery Result

How To Check Thai Lottery Results Today?

  1. The simplest way to check Thai lottery results is to watch live on the TV.
  2. But if you missed the live transmission on TV, there are other ways to check Thai lottery results today. You can check them by visiting the official website of GLO.
  3. You can check the latest results here at this link:
  4. To check the previous results, you can also use the same link.

Apart from the official website, you can also check Thailand lottery Results on this is the most popular website to check multiple lottery results. Additionally, provides authentic information related to lotteries worldwide.

  • Different online platforms are also available to check the results

These different websites will share the new results as soon as they announce and inform you by notifying you via email.

  • Once you check the results, double-check them on different websites.

Some websites upload very unauthentic Thai lottery results. It is necessary to check and confirm Thai lottery results on different online platforms. 

  • Beware of scams

If you are using any App “VIP Thai Lottery” to check the results, confirm the authenticity of the App. Read descriptions and reviews of the App. If any site or App asks you to pay for access to the lottery results, never trust and pay because it could be a scam. Several other online websites are available to check your results for free. 

How is it to install the App to check the Thai Lottery results?

To check the Thai lottery results daily, download its App.

Here are the steps to download and use the Thai lottery App:

  1. Open the Google App Store to download the App.
  2. Search the VIP Thai lottery in the search bar.
  3. Open the App and read all the details, descriptions, and reviews related to the App. 
  4. Install the App by clicking on the Install button and wait until downloaded.
  5. Once downloaded, open the App directly from the Google Play Store or your home screen anytime.

How to check the Thai lottery results of an old draw?

If you missed checking old Thai lottery results, you can still check the old results online. The best and most authentic way is to validate them online on GLO. Several other sites can show you old results.

  1. Search Thai lottery results online.
  2. To open the website with old results, click on the link they shared for old results.
  3. Enter the specific Thai lottery results announcement dates to check the results.
  4. For authentication of the results, double-check them on any other website.

How to purchase Thai lottery tickets?

The price of a single Thia lottery ticket is 80 baht. Be careful of the vendors who sell the same ticket at high prices. To participate in the Thia Lottery scheme, buy tickets carefully from authentic people. Generally, Thai people believe in lucky numbers. Thai lottery passports with Buddhist lucky numbers are very demanding. You can purchase tickets with unlucky numbers at a low price. 

Thai lottery tickets are pre-printed, and buyers can not purchase specific numbers. These people are directly involved in this procedure of selling the tickets.

  1. After printing the tickets, the government lottery office sells tickets to the national wholesalers in bulk.
  2. These wholesalers further sell tickets to registered vendors.
  3. Registered vendors sell tickets to interested people who want to participate in the lottery.
  4. To buy tickets directly without the involvement of any second party, go to Krung Thai Bank.
  5. These tickets are also directly available to registered vendors from the GLO. So, the vendor needs to fulfill the registration requirements of the government lottery office and register themselves with GLO. The next step is to create a bank account there. Registration could be done manually, on a paper-based system, or electronically. In this case, you can get the tickets from registered vendors at low prices.
  6. You will get these tickets in pairs and double the prize when you win.
  7. Tickets in pairs will be the same except for the pictograms, barcodes, and unit numbers.
  8. Information related to the conditions and schedules of prizes is on the tickets. You must wait for the Thai lottery results.

Important Links Thai Lottery Result Today

Official Website of Thai LotteryClick Here
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How to claim your Thai lottery prize?

  • After the announcement of Thai lottery results, the duration to claim the prize is two years from the draw date for all the lottery winners.
  • Winners must visit the Bangkok Government Lottery Office (GLO) to claim the prize.
  • Winners should have all the required documents to claim their prize. These documents include winning lottery tickets, identity documents, tax identification numbers, and bank accounts to claim the prize.
  • Winners can claim their prize on the same day if it is equal to or less than 20,000 baht. If it is more than 20K baht, the prize claim processing time is 15 days.
  • The winners belong to countries other than Thailand and must bring a passport and residence certificate to get the prize money.
  • If the winning ticket gets damaged and is not readable, winners must file a complaint at GLO within 30 days after the draw. To file a complaint, the winner must write and submit the paper-based form of an application, along with the original damaged ticket, an identity document, and a witness statement must be attached. GLO will inquire about the matter. After validity, it will issue a new ticket under the same number to the winner. In the case of any unauthentic, fraudulent, or illegal activity, GLO has the right to withhold the winning prize.
  • Winners are obliged to pay 5% taxes on the winning prize.

Things to Remember

All you need to remember if you are participating in the lottery and waiting for Thai lottery results.

  • Anyone can participate in the Thai lottery, a Thai citizen or international.
  • Beware of scams while purchasing lotteries.
  • The authentic website to check the Thai lottery results is the Thai government’s official website.
  • GLO announces lotteries at 5 pm on the draw date. The Thai government office uploads results immediately after the announcement of lottery winners.
  • Lotteries are announced twice each month on the 1st and 16th of every month.
  • If you are lucky enough and win the lottery, visit GLO Bangkok within the given time.
  • Do not forget to keep all the required documents with you to claim the prize money.
  • Keep your passport if you are not a Thai citizen.
  • All winners need to pay 5% of taxes on the winning prize.
  • The possibility of winning the Thai lottery is higher than other lotteries. Moreover, the Thai lottery is cheaper as compared to different other lotteries.

If you are waiting for your Thai lottery results, we wish you good luck.


Where to check Thailand State Lottery Result?

You can check your Thailand Lottery Result on the official website or through our website

Is the Thai Lottery Ticket Price Fixed?

Nowadays, the Government fixed a lottery ticket by 80 Baht and it will not exceed more than the fixed price. Single tickets are not sold, only ticket pairs. Each ticket is priced at 80 baht, and the ticket pair at 160 baht.

Is Thai Lottery Providing 100% Sure Number??

Yes, Thai Lottery Provides 100 Sure Namber regularly for Thai Lottery Players

Is It Possible To Participate In The Thai Lottery As a Foreigner?

There is no restriction on who can participate in the draws, whether he or she is Thai or foreign, but the person must be at least 20 years old.

Who Plays More Thai Lottery?

It’s a real fact that women play the lottery more than men.

Thailand State Lottery is managed by whom?

Managing the lottery is the responsibility of the Thai government.


The Thai lottery result is more than just a set of numbers. it is a cultural phenomenon representing a country’s hopes and desires. Every drawing tells a story that goes beyond a piece of good fortune, representing the human condition’s enduring sense of hope and desire for good fortune.

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