Meghalaya Lottery Result 12.06.2023

Meghalaya Lottery Result: State lotteries in India are used to provide revenue to the state governments. These revenues are generally invested in public welfare programs, particularly in the health sector and educational sectors. There are many lotteries in India. State governments arrange all lotteries.

Out of 28, only 13 Indian states are legal in playing the lottery. Meghalaya state is one of them where a lottery is legal to play. Meghalaya state lottery provides a substantial boost to its economy. One time a day the Meghalaya lottery department allows winning up to 2 lakhs. Every day of the week, there is a different name for the draws.

Meghalaya Singham Lottery Result

Congratulations to all the lucky winners who won the lottery today. It is important to mention that the government of Meghalaya conducted fair and transparent draws.

The Meghalaya lottery department conducts today’s draws with fair and transparent. The department published the Meghalaya Lottery Result today 12.06.2024. As per the official information provided by the Meghalaya State Lotteries, the First Winner award will receive INR 1.04 Crore from a ticket worth INR 10 The lottery department conducts a single lottery in a day. Before going into details about the Meghalaya Singham lottery let’s check out the winning numbers of Meghalaya Lottery.

Many people purchased lottery tickets to try their luck. the ticket price for the Meghalaya lottery is INR 10. and the winning amount is up to 2 lakhs. The Meghalaya lottery is also known as the Meghalaya Singham government lottery which is famous in the state. The lottery department publishes the Meghalaya Lottery Result at 7:35 pm in PDF format.

In the Meghalaya Daily Lottery, there is a chance to win a First Prize of Rs. 2 lakh once a day. There is a unique name for the draws every day of the week. The draws on Sunday are called Future Brook, the on Monday are called Future Stream, and so on. The Government has the full right to change the Date & Time of the draw. The government of Meghalaya also manages the Shillong teer competition. The table below lists each draw’s name and date of draw.

Meghalaya lottery department provides a great opportunity to win up to INR 2 lakhs daily. Individuals who are residents of Meghalaya state can easily purchase lottery tickets. the prize distribution of the Singham government lottery is as follows.

The first draw of the Singham evening weekly lottery was held at 7:35 pm, with a ticket price of ten rupees. The Meghalaya state teer competition was also managed by the Meghalaya lottery department those who are also participating in the Shillong Teer we publish the Shillong Teer Result daily except on Sunday

How To Check the Meghalaya Lottery Result on

To check the Meghalaya Singham lottery result you need to hold a lottery ticket and match the ticket number with the provided result picture. from here You can easily check the Meghalaya Lottery Result Today

How To Check Meghalaya Lottery Results Through The Official Website?

To check the Meghalaya lottery result today through the official website you need to follow the below-mentioned steps one by one.

Step 1: At first, you go to the official website of Meghalaya i. [email protected]

Step 2: Go to the navigation menu bar and search Meghalaya lottery results.

Step 3: Now you see the bottom of the lottery result and click it.

Step 4: Then you see all results are available.

Step 5: Click the PDF and Download this result

How to Claim the Winning Amount?

All prize-winning tickets exceeding Rs. 10,000 must be claimed at the Meghalaya State Lottery’s office in Shillong, along with the original winning tickets, two passport-size photos, a Pan Card, and appropriate proof of residency, either from the central government or another source.

provide that the Director may consider a claim after 30 days but before the end of 90 days from the date of the draw if he is convinced that the claimant’s delay in claiming the prize amount is due to circumstances beyond their control. This can happen within 30 days of the draw date and the publication of the results. When making the payment, the T.D.S. on rewards will be subtracted at the source. From the button below, you can easily download the Claim Form.

Important Points

  • The draw will take place independently. and prizes will be awarded based on a proportionate system.
  • The price of each ticket will be Rs 10.
  • When an original prize-winning ticket is presented and the results are published within 30 days, the Government of Meghalaya will authorize the specified Distributor to make arrangements for the payment of prizes up to Rs. 10,000/-to the winners on behalf of the Government of Meghalaya.
  • During buying or selling tickets, it is recommended that the agent and seller verify that the printing and numbering are accurate.
  • The defective tickets must be returned to the company that issued them immediately.
  • The rules’ provisions will be followed while awarding prizes. All award winners will receive their payout in Indian rupees.
  • A ticket that has been altered, ripped, mutilated, or faked will not be accepted unless confirmed to be authentic.
  • The draws will take place in the presence of a government-appointed draw committee at any public location in the state of Meghalaya.
  • No Draw shall be held on National Holidays
  • The Department of State Lotteries, Shill, and the Government of Meghalaya guarantee all awards.

Overview Meghalaya Lottery Result

Name of the SchemeSingham Evening Weekly Lottery
OrganizationSingham Government Lottery Officials
Draw DayDaily
Draw LocationMeghalaya
Draw Time7.35 PM
Result FormatPDF
Price of the Lottery Ticket10/- Rupees
Official website Singham Government Lottery Officials

Draw Schedule Of Meghalaya State Lottery Result

Draw DayDraw Name

Prizes Details of Meghalaya State Lottery Today Result

The Details of the Prize Structure are as under

1ST PRIZE5250,0001250
2ND PRIZE2609,500500
3RD PRIZE520070070
4TH PRIZE520045050
5TH PRIZE5200020025

Final Words

The lottery is a great way for Meghalaya state residents to win a big amount. The first draw of the Singham evening weekly lottery was held at 7:35 pm, with a ticket price of ten rupees. Congratulations to all winners of the Meghalaya Singham government lottery.

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