Karunya Plus Lottery Result Today 27.06.2024

Karunya Plus Lottery Result Winners List draws are held on 27.06.2024 by Kerala lottery officials. Results are announced on their official website. Kerala state government manages the KARUNYA PLUS lottery. The weekly Kerala lottery draws are conducted at three o’clock in the afternoon on the day of the draw for each weekly lottery. 

On the same day, the lottery department publishes the results of the lottery draw on the official website of Kerala Lotteries, which is accessible 24/7. Additionally, Kerala lottery results are published in the government gazette. The winning prize of the KARUNYA PLUS lottery result is 80 lakh. Draws were held at Gorky Bhavan Near Bakery Junction Thiruvananthapuram.

Karunya Plus Lottery Result

“Live Karunya Plus Lottery Result KN-528”
Karunya Plus Lottery No. KN-528th Draw Held On 27-06-2024
At Gorky Bhavan Near Bakery Junction Thiruvananthapuram
Live Result Starting At 02:55 pm
Official Result available from 03:55 PM onwards
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1st Prize Rs.8,000,000/- [80 Lakhs]
Consolation Prize Rs.8,000/-
2nd Prize Rs.10,00,000/- [10 Lakhs]
3rd Prize Rs.100,000/- [1 Lakh]
4th Prize Rs.5,000/-
5th Prize Rs.1,000/-
6th Prize Rs.500/-
7th Prize Rs.100/-

The Kerala government manages lottery results. This post is to provide you with free and easy access to the winner lists of the Kerala lottery Result today. The lottery list is updated daily so that you can (participants) stay updated.  FIFTY-FIFTY Lottery Results are also available on this platform and easily accessible.

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Overview of KARUNYA PLUS Lottery Result

Lottery Date 27.06.2024
Managed By Government of Kerala
Result Time10:55 AM, 3 PM, 7 PM
First Prize70’00’000 Lakhs

KARUNYA PLUS Lottery Prizes Details

Prize NoAmount
1st Prize80’00’000 Lakhs
Consolation PrizeRs. 8000
2nd PrizeRs. 1’00’000
3rd PrizeRs. 1’00’000
4th PrizeRs. 5000
5th prizeRs. 1000
6th prizeRs.500
7th prizeRs.100

Final Words

Lottery sales are a major source of nontax revenue in Kerala State. here you can easily check out your winning number. The Kerala state government manages the KARUNYA PLUS lottery. Congratulations to the winners of the Karunya Plus lottery scheme.