The Ultimate Guide to Bodoland Lottery

Lotteries have long been a source of excitement and expectation for people all over the world, with the potential for a life-changing windfall. Lotteries are the source of encouraging people to pay a small sum of money for the chance of winning a big jackpot. therefore the Bodoland territorial council runs lotteries to encourage Bodo people.

Of 13 Indian states, Assam is the one of states where lotteries are legal. All the lottery affairs are administrated by the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC). The Bodoland Lottery has acquired popularity in the Indian state of Assam as a unique and localized lottery system.

This article delves into the history, purpose, legal implications, and practicality of taking part in the Bodoland Lottery. The government of Bodoland introduced a lottery scheme for the people of Bodoland where they can avail a chance of winning big.

History of Bodoland Lottery

The journey of the Bodoland lottery started in 2015. when BTC rules and regulations were legalized after passing rules and regulations the lottery system has become well organized and Transparent.

The Bodoland Lottery has its origins in the socioeconomic and political setting of Assam’s Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). It was implemented to produce cash for regional development and to contribute to various welfare programs.

By taking benefit from this well-organized structure the lottery department expands its lottery network to engage and facilitate more residents of the state.

The Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC)secretariat is committed to generating revenue to contribute to the growth of Assam, ‘s economy.

Purpose Of Bodoland Lottery

The major goal of the Bodoland Lottery is to fund developmental projects in the Bodoland Territorial Region. The proceeds from ticket sales go towards projects aimed at enhancing the region’s infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other important services.

The lottery promotes community development by creating positive transformation in the lives of those who reside in Bodoland.

The Bodoland lottery holds great importance for the state and its people. Lottery is the source to generate revenue for the state and also contributes to giving employment opportunities and welfare programs to the people of Bodoland.

A basic purpose of the sale of lottery schemes is to generate short-term funds for development projects like the construction of roads, schools and hospitals, and many more public sector organizations.

The funds collected from the sale of lottery tickets are used to give scholarships to deserving students. Lottery officials also facilitate the health sector from these funds.

Winners mostly invest their winning amount in the agriculture sector which is the primary occupation of Bodoland people. These activities result in a boost to the state economy.

Lottery frequency

The Bodoland Lottery is well-known for its consistency, with draws held at regular intervals. There are usually daily draws, giving participants plenty of chances to try their luck. The consistency of the program heightens the participants’ anticipation and participation.

So to avail the chance the people of Bodoland have a great response to purchase lottery schemes. A huge number of residents buy lottery tickets to try their luck.

By considering this huge growth and demand for lottery the government of Bodoland decided to introduce multiple lottery schemes such as Kuil, Rosa, Nallaneram, Kumaran, thangam, singam , Vishnu, swarnalaxmi lottery.

However, each lottery scheme has a different winning prize. This variety of Bodoland lottery schemes gives freedom to pick schemes as per their choice and preferences.

The lottery department runs daily lottery schemes to facilitate more residents with different lottery schemes and their draws numbers in a series.

Bodoland Lottery Frequency Chart

Lottery Scheme NameFrequency
KumaranDaily @ 3 pm
RosaDaily @ 3 pm
NallaneramDaily @ 3 pm
ThangamDaily @ 3 pm
KuilDaily @ 3 pm
VishnuDaily @ 3 pm
SwarnalaxmiDaily @ 3 pm

Legal Terms of Bodoland Lottery

The Assam government has established a regulatory framework for the Bodoland Lottery. Participants must be informed of the legal terms and circumstances linked with the lottery.

These terms define the regulations of participation, eligibility requirements, and prize distribution. As with any lottery, adherence to these legal terms is critical to ensuring a fair and transparent procedure.

So to maintain transparency and fairness in lottery draws the (BTC) uses modern technology. Technology helps the official to conduct fair and free lottery draws. Transparent and fair draws are basic pillars of any lottery.

The Assam state Bodoland lottery is administered by the Bodoland Territorial Council. So, players from Assam can consider that participating in the Bodoland draw is completely legal and there is no risk of being is important to note that you cannot play online lottery

How to Participate in Bodoland Lottery?

Participating in the Bodoland Lottery is a simple procedure. Lottery tickets can be purchased from authorized dealers or vendors by those who are interested.

These tickets are typically inexpensive, making the lottery accessible to a wide range of people. To take part in the Bodoland lottery you need to visit the Assam government Lottery office or any authorized dealer to buy a lottery ticket.

It is important to note that the government of Assam sells lottery tickets through authorized dealers. Government officers run a lottery in the premises of the PWB-IB complex located in Tengapara in Kokrajhar Assam.

There is no option to play the Bodoland lottery online. The tickets are sold through authorized dealers. Therefore, we can assume that the Bodoland lottery is safe to play.

The Assam lottery provides a great way for the citizens of Assam to try their luck at offline lotto games. The lottery comes with a low-price ticket of MRP 2 for all draws, so residents of all budgets can easily access it

Participants wait for the draw to see if their numbers match the winning combinations on their tickets, which contain unique numbers.

How to check bodoland Lottery Result?

 Following the draw, participants can access the results via a variety of means. The results are normally published on official websites, newspapers, and authorized lottery centers.

The winning numbers and reward categories are laid out, allowing participants to compare their tickets to the stated combinations. There are multiple options (official and non-official) to check lottery results you can visit the official website of Bodoland lotteries to check the latest Bodoland lottery results.

On the official website, you have to select the date time, and file format to check the latest result. This process is a little bit time-consuming so to save you time prizebondhome brings a Search button using which participants can check daily Bodoland lottery result. This new feature helps Bodoland lottery participants to check ticket numbers without wasting time although you need to verify the number with a result list picture taken from the official website.

How to Claim Prize Money?

The lottery administrators have detailed a systematic approach to claiming prize money. Winners must save their original tickets as confirmation of their eligibility for the prize.

Depending on the amount of the reward, winners may be required to visit specific lottery offices or banks to claim their money. To ensure a seamless and secure prize claim, it is critical to follow the specified processes.

The processing of the Bodoland lottery prizes is done by the Bodoland Territorial Council in Kokrajhar. When visiting to claim the prize, winners need to have a valid form of ID and the original winning ticket.

After verifying the identity, the respective award payment is issued on behalf of the winner.


What Difference Between Bodoland Lottery And Assam Lottery?

the Bodoland Territorial Council is a sovereign body in Assam. the geographical boundary of BTR lies between north western part of Assam. Therefore the Bodoland lottery is also known as the Assam State lottery. there is no difference between the Bodoland Lottery and the Assam Lottery.


The Bodoland Lottery exemplifies the good impact of lotteries when used for community development. Individuals can participate in this form of entertainment while helping the advancement of the Bodoland Territorial Region by learning its history, purpose, legal terms, and participation method.

Responsible participation and adherence to legal standards, like with any lottery, ensure a positive experience for all parties involved.