How To Check Bodoland Lottery Result

Checking the Bodoland lottery result is the main task for Bodo lottery buyers. Therefore, get detailed information related To the Check Bodoland Lottery Result process. Most users know only about the official method. But, much more better options are available. Hence, learn about the best Bodoland lottery checking methods here.

How To Check Bodoland Lottery Results?

The new methods of checking Bodoland Lottery Results include various official and unofficial platforms. Therefore, this page provides information related to the top verified methods of checking accurate results.

Apart from the official website, is the most popular and perfect platform to get instant results. Hence, get detailed information related to all available authentic platforms to get results instantly.

How To Check via

Prizebondhome is the most popular available online website providing Bodoland Result every day. This website provides complete information related to all types/schemes of Bodoland lottery. Additionally, this website provides multiple forms of results.

Therefore, getting accurate results is 100% guaranteed. So, lottery participants will get satisfactory results with the multi-checking system.

The website is specially dedicated to providing all the results of the Bodoland lottery. Therefore, participants will get detailed information. The first main section provides details related to the results such as Draw Date, State, Result Time, Winning Prize, and Management. Hence, this section allows the main information related to the results.

Bodoland Lottery Results Via Search Ticket Number

Mostly, participants have to search(Manually) in the result list. However, Prizebondhome allows a faster and easier search system known as SEARCH TICKET NUMBER.

Search Button
Search Result

This System provides a search bar to enter the Ticket number. So, participants can enter the Ticket Number and tap on the search button. The system will automatically find the number available in the list. Hence, the manual result search won’t be necessary.

All you have to do is type the ticket number into the search bar. Once you do, match search result with image and winning numbers list.

Bodoland Lottery Result Via Images

The 2nd available method of finding the lottery results is using the images on Prizebondhome. In this method, participants will get all available results in the images.

The images are taken from the official results. Therefore, participants will get 100% accurate information related to winners. Hence, it is important to explore this image section even, after getting the number in the search section. This will provide complete accuracy.

Bodoland Lottery Result Via Draw No

Multiple Bodoland lottery results are released daily. Therefore, getting the correct information is important. So, this website offers well-categorized results according to the DR No and Lottery Name. Additionally, the latest released results are also announced by DR No and name. Thus, getting newly available results will be easy. Hence, explore the available categories to get information related to winners.

Bodoland Lottery Result Via 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, And 6th Winner

Each Bodoland Lottery Result winner is categorized in six different rankings. However, getting the first position might be rare. But, the prize of winning the first position is the highest.

Therefore, the results are also categorized according to the ranking on Prizebondhome. So, get information related to the ticket numbers got the first 6 positions.

Additionally, the winning amount according to the position is also available. Hence, get the winning ticket and find out how much you won.

Prizebondhome provides a complete package of all Lottery Results. Therefore, find the available forms of results to get accurate information.

All the available results are checked and added automatically. Still, it is recommended to check the data in the provided image of the official result. Check all available results using this simple and user-friendly website and save time.

How To Check Bodoland Lottery Result via Official Site?

check bodoland lottery result
2nd Step to check Bodoland Lottery
3rd Step to check Bodoland lottery

Bodoland Lottery provides an official result-providing website. The official website provides all results first. However, participants have to input data to get the results manually.

So, participants have to provide Data, Time, and File Type. If users enter any wrong information, the results can be changed. Hence, accessing this website is quite risky without knowing complete information.

How To Download Bodoland Lottery Results?

The downloading of the lottery results is possible in three file types on the official website. The first type is the DBF(dBase database file) is viewable on Windows App.

The second type is PDF(Portable Document Format), multiple software and apps are available to access the PDF file. The Third/last is the Zip(Zone Improvement Plan). Unzip the zip file to access the result. Multiple Unzip software and apps are available for this process.


The answer to How To Check Bodoland Lottery Results is quite simple and easy. The best available option is to access the Prizebondhome website. Although, the official website does offer the latest results first. But, finding the numbers, downloading of file types, and other problems are encountered. Therefore, access these available options personally and search for the results of the lottery.