Punjab Dear Weekly Lottery Result 03.02.2024

Punjab Dear Weekly Lottery Result 6:00 PM Today Winner Lists as of 03.02.2024 PM The officials updated the lottery result on the official website of Punjab Lottery i.e. @punjabstatelotteries.gov.in. Punjab State Lotteries Department manages and conducts bumper lottery and weekly and monthly lottery schemes.

You can easily check Punjab State dear weekly Lottery results today and this post also helps you to get easy access to the winner’s list of the Punjab State Lottery.

Here we gonna provide you with all the information about i.e (how to purchase a lottery ticket, how to check the ticket number, where to buy a lottery ticket, how to check winning numbers, and what is the procedure to claim prize-winning numbers, and many more about the scheme).

Punjab Dear Weekly Lottery Result

1st Prize₹10,000On the last 4 digit4542
2nd Prize₹2,000On the last 4 digit6799
3rd Prize₹500On the last 4 digit2024 2579 3114 3229 4747 7302 8194 8331 8580 9292
4th Prize₹200On the last 4 digit2376 2854 3340 3841 4159 5600 7444 7681 7883 8017
5th Prize₹100on the last 4 digit0063 0080 0101 0109 0120 0161 0165 0196 0251 0260 0308 0362 0409 0486 0500 0524 0591 0627 0643 0868 0894 0931 1003 1117 1169 1196 1213 1287 1304 1309 1408 1415 1611 1612 1643 1696 1707 1756 1773 1777 1783 1812 1838 1910 1987 1999 2108 2116 2144 2225 2235 2246 2257 2355 2386 2433 2455 2545 2642 2719 2967 3197 3237 3239 3250 3278 3288 3295 3388 3430 3470 3520 3626 3634 3674 3679 3767 3785 3997 4001 4014 4218 4261 4309 4358 4373 4391 4405 4423 4549 4565 4626 4627 4698 4725 4845 4847 4906 4909 4926 4955 4968 5031 5059 5099 5110 5184 5251 5384 5425 5555 5580 5733 5739 5767 5782 5948 5971 6051 6164 6213 6242 6267 6278 6309 6413 6418 6430 6446 6470 6475 6635 6644 6709 6740 6758 6778 6801 6841 6849 6869 6967 7026 7078 7137 7156 7183 7188 7331 7400 7422 7454 7565 7636 7692 7751 7757 7928 7932 7945 7947 7958 7961 7993 8046 8092 8120 8193 8246 8322 8637 8638 8715 8774 8801 8876 8899 8946 8981 9009 9039 9068 9082 9089 9165 9166 9233 9279 9309 9352 9395 9469 9483 9570 9622 9633 9720 9745 9799 9809

Punjab State Lotteries Department deals with weekly lottery scheme Punjab State Dear weekly lottery result 2023 scheme includes the dear rakhi bumper lottery, dear 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 PUNJAB STATE DEAR LAXMI PEARL, PUNJAB STATE DEAR LAXMI GOLD, PUNJAB STATE DEAR LAXMI SILVER

These all lotteries are managed by the Punjab State Lottery Department. the ticket price is only ₹200

  1. bumper lottery
  2. monthly lottery
  3. weekly lottery

Punjab State Dear Weekly Lottery Result

Lottery NameDayFirst prize “₹”
Punjab state dear 20 Sunday100000
Punjab state dear 250 weekly lotteryThursday6000000
Punjab state dear 500Friday7500000
Punjab State dear 500Saturday1250000

Punjab State Dear Weekly Lottery Result

As per the official website of the Punjab State Lottery Department, the PUNJAB Dear Lottery Result has been announced. candidates can purchase the Lottery Ticket from Nearest Lottery Shop,

In this section, you will find all the details and latest news about winners, lottery ticket numbers, draw times, and dates, as well as information about the latest and ongoing lottery schemes that are available.

Punjab state lotteries were established in 1968. To conduct and promote genuine lottery schemes under proper rules and regulations to make a transparent and fair playing field. Punjab government manages Punjab lottery result

About Punjab Dear Weekly Lottery

In 2001, DEAR Lottery became a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) for the first time. According to the Responsible Gaming Framework published by the World Lottery Association in 2009, DEAR Lottery had met the criteria to attain Level 1 accreditation under the WLA Framework for Responsible Gaming.

It is possible to find the Punjab state lottery result on this page.  It would be a good idea to try your luck by participating in the Punjab lottery scheme. As you are already aware, the Punjab Lottery winning amount is enormous and it is held on a weekly and monthly basis.

Keep checking this webpage for the latest information such as the Rakhi bumper lottery result, dear rakhi bumper lottery, dear 200 monthly lottery, and dear 500 Ganesh Chaturthi lottery results at the right time. we publish an updated winners list here.

The objective of Punjab state lotteries is to discourage citizens from illegal activities like satta and mattka by providing transparent lottery schemes.

1. To summon nontax revenue for the state to run welfare schemes.

2. to create employment opportunities for the community.

At present, the directorate of the Punjab state lotteries is running six bumper Schemes in a year. The draws are conducted at important festivals.

Punjab state lotteries also considering a monthly lottery scheme, and more lottery schemes are also in the pipeline.

Punjab Dear Weekly Lottery Result 2024

As per the Lottery Act 1998, the Punjab state government manages the weekly Lottery 2022. The Punjab state lotteries are conducted by the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries according to the methods prescribed for each prize.

Governments, whether they are central or state governments, are responsible for the payment and deduction of GST and other taxes on lottery tickets.

It is the directorate of Punjab State lotteries that manages the printing as well as other activities related to the lottery. As far as the Punjab Diwali bumper lottery is concerned, only Chandigarh will have legal jurisdiction over its.

Overview of Punjab Dear Weekly Lottery

Lottery Name Punjab Dear weekly lottery
Managed By Government of Punjab
First Prize100000

How to claim the winning amount?

Affix Three Passport Size Photographs with Claim Form out of which two should be duly attested by 1st Class Magistrate/ Notary Public/ Oath Commissioner any Gazetted Officers.

2. Please enclose an Aadhaar Card Copy, PAN Card Copy, and Cancelled Cheque of the account where the winning amount is to be transferred.

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How to Check Punjab Dear Weekly Lottery

If you want to check Punjab Lottery Result then follow all the steps below

Step 1: At first, you go to the official website of the Punjab state lottery result i. e. @ punjabstatelotteries.gov.in (direct link)

Step 2: Then you go to the navigation menu bar and search dear lottery results.

Step 3: Now you see the bottom of the lottery result and click it.

Step 4: Then you see all results are available.

Step 5: Click the PDF and Download this result


Whether People Outside Punjab Can Participate In Punjab State Lottery Schemes?

As per the rules and guidelines issued by Punjab State Lotteries, anyone from Punjab as well as anywhere else in the world can participate in this lottery scheme and claim Jackpot prizes.

What is the legal status of the lottery in Punjab?

 If the State Government is satisfied that the letter organized, conducted, or promoted by another State is being run in the State of Punjab, or if it has received a complaint from a person, it may prohibit the sale of lottery tickets within the State of Punjab on a suo moto or on a complaint received from any person.

In Punjab, what is the best way to buy a lottery ticket?

In Punjab, there are many places where lottery tickets can be purchased, including markets, bus stands, railway stations, post offices, and welfare centers.

Is Punjab Dear Weekly Lottery genuine?

A member of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA), DEAR Lottery is one of the major lottery operators in the region.

How many lottery tickets are sold in Punjab?

It is estimated that about 20 million tickets are sold at every Punjab lottery draw, and on a mathematical level, the odds of winning are very slim.

In Punjab, what is the tax on 2.5 crores of lottery winnings?

In terms of tax rates, Awards that are not approved by the Government and prizes are taxed at the rate of 30%.

Final Words

Punjab’s government officially released lottery results on its official website. A weekly lotto released by officials. You can try your luck to take advantage of these amazing opportunities since the winning amount is huge.

I would like to congratulate all the winners of the Punjab Dear Lottery. It would be great if you could share your winning feelings with us in the comment section below. I wish you the best of luck for the next lucky draw.