Telly Bingo Lottery Result Today (22.09.2023) Irish Lotto

Telly Bingo result in today’s winner’s list: Here we update all the Telly Bingo Lottery results offered by Premier Lotteries Ireland as of 22-09-2023. You have come to the right place if you are looking for Irish lottery results as here we update all the winning numbers of the Irish national lottery on a daily basis on our page.

Telly Bingo is live Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12.45 pm, RTE One broadcasts a live game called Telly Bingo for a chance to win a 10000-euro jackpot.

This post is going to provide you with some basic information. From this post, you can easily find out the prize money winners. Irish Lotteries officials released the results on their official website. i.e

Telly Bingo Lottery Result Today

Telly Bingo Lottery Result Today
Telly Bingo Lottery Result

Alternatively, you can watch the recording on the YouTube channel Telly Bingo started in September 1999, and now you can purchase telly bingo tickets from retail agents in your area.

TellyBingo gives you the chance to play bingo at home – you don’t even have to put on your shoes! Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the TV game show ‘TellyBingo’ is broadcast (see the newspapers for the TV schedule).

On draw days, sales end at 11 a.m. and resume at 11:15 a.m. Each ticket cost €2.50! TellyBingo can be played in advance and there are options to play it for up to 6 draws (2 weeks) in advance. Separate tickets are issued for separate dates

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In order to participate in these schemes, participants must be at least 18 years of age. There are more than 20,000 pieces of equipment that have been installed throughout the retail network of 3,700 agents throughout the country by the management.

There is an experienced management team that is responsible for overseeing the lotto affairs under the direction of CEO Andrew Algeo. There is no doubt that premier lotteries have set out to provide Irish people with exciting and life-changing lottery games that will add fun, entertainment, and a great deal of excitement to their lives

telly bingo results today

It is very simple! There are no playing slips to fill out for TellyBingo. All tickets are randomly generated at the Lotto terminal using Quick Pick.

 Simply ask a National Lottery Agent (a person who sells TellyBingo) near you for a TellyBingo ticket and you will receive a ticket with a grid of 24 randomly selected numbers and a free number shown at (in the central square ). It is assumed that this toll-free number has already been dialled. 

Each ticket shows the date of the draw if it is valid, so don’t forget to be in front of the TV on that date!

There are six TellyBingo prize categories – Lucky Line, Corners, Cross, Snowball, Fullhouse, and Phone Risk. A player can win prizes in different prize categories on a single ticket. For each TellyBingo Game Show, numbers are drawn at random from the range 1 to 75.

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what time is telly bingo on today?

When do ticket sales close? You can buy Telly Bingo tickets from any official National Lottery retailer until 11:00 am on the day of each draw. Sales open for the next draw at 11:15 am.

Where to Check Telly Bingo Lottery Result?

You can get results on and you can also check results on the official website of the Irish national lottery

when is telly bingo on?

The what time is telly bingo on rte broadcast on RTÉ One at 12.45 pm each Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Snowball prize is a bonus for players who achieve a Fullhouse on or before the 51st number for Tuesday’s game

what time is telly bingo on rte?

When is Telly Bingo? Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, the Telly Bingo TV Gameshow is broadcast on RTÉ One at 12.45 pm.

how to play telly bingo ireland?

You can purchase Telly Bingo tickets at retail agents. All Telly Bingo tickets are generated randomly by the Lotto terminal using Quick Pick.


Premier Lotteries Ireland officially released the Telly Bingo lottery results on its official website. we are pleased to update the winner list of Telly Bingo on our site.

Congratulations to all winners of the Irish Lotto Today! and best of luck for future draws.

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