Sikkim Lottery Result Today 26.09.2023

Hello, friends welcome to in this post, we are going to update the Sikkim lottery result on 26.09.2023. let you know that the process of Sikkim dear lottery draws is completed and the winning numbers are announced.

In this write-up, we will talk about the Sikkim lottery and its different schemes. And also we will let you know how to play the Sikkim lottery.

So we are here with the Sikkim lottery result as usual Before proceeding further, we would like to congratulate all the lucky winners who marked their win in the Sikkim lottery result today.

Sikkim lottery result

Sikkim Lottery Result

sikkim state lottery

Sikkim Lottery Result today

The government of Sikkim state manages the lottery affairs. The people of Sikkim state have a huge interest in the lottery schemes one of the most popular lottery schemes is the lottery Sambad.

sikkim Lottery Result

sikkim state lottery result today

The Sikkim state lottery department holds draws 3 times a day and the results are announced soon after the draws process is completed the Lottery schemes are the most important source of revenue for the state government.

sikkim dear lottery result today

You can buy lottery tickets from lottery agents across the state anyone can buy lottery tickets across India. At the time of ticket purchasing the agent asks you the draw you want to enter and how many tickets you want to purchase.

After completing this process the agent tells you the total cost. You cannot play the Sikkim lottery ticket from the online platform.

The Dear is made available to the ticket holders at 1 pm at noon, 6 pm in the evening, and 8 pm at night. The state government aims to generate revenue to promote social and developmental activities.

play sikkim lottery result

DaysWest Bengal State Lotteries

sikkim lottery chart

The Sikkim state government deals with 8 on-paper lotteries and 16 online lotteries which are conducted through agents.

Apart from the lotteries the Sikkim state administration controls casinos, online games, and sports games to keep a close eye on any illegal activities.

The lottery results of the draws are published on the official website of the Sikkim Lottery Department. The turnover of participating in lotteries in the state. They consider the lotteries to have potentially life-changing prizes.

The Sikkim lottery offers higher payouts. The state lottery department offers different types of lottery schemes like weekly Labhlaxmi and Dear 100 series lotteries.

As we mentioned the Sikkim lottery scheme includes nine different lotteries with ticket prices ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 100. The Dear 100 lotteries are run every week while the Dear 20 and Dear 50 lotteries are bi-weekly.

Most states of India allows their people to play lottery game. Kerala is one of them Kerala lottery department publishes Kerala lottery result.

sikkim dear lottery live

The winning amount varies from scheme to scheme in detail 1st prize of Rs 19 lakh for the Dear 100 series and Rs 9 lakh or Rs 11 lakh for the Dear 20 and 50 series respectively.

The Government of Sikkim replaces lotteries every year to hold the interest of players with the schemes. To take part in Sikkim lottery draws you must be a resident of the state.

The potential rewards are huge, with tens and even hundreds of Crore up for grabs. The lottery is an important source of revenue for the government of Sikkim.

Through these schemes, the government raises funds to support public services such as healthcare, education, and development activities.

So consider that you are not playing the lottery just for fun but you are playing an important role in the welfare of society. To increase your chances of winning the Sikkim lottery Choose your lottery ticket carefully.

Setting your budget for playing the lottery setting budget means that keep a close eye on discounts and promotions on the lottery these promotions and discounts help you to save money on tickets.

in short, don’t put all your eggs in one basket Different lotteries have different odds of winning, so make sure you choose one that has good odds. With careful planning and a bit of luck, you could be the next big winner!

Play the Sikkim Lottery online

It is not possible to play the Sikkim State Lottery online, all the players must submit a claim form and affidavit to the Directorate of Sikkim State Lotteries in order to claim winnings. All you need to follow up on the required details mentioned on the prescribed form.

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Sikkim State Lottery Overview

Lottery Name Sikkim State lottery
Lottery Date 26 September 2023
Managed By Government of West Bengal
Result Time01 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM
First Prize1 crore

Sikkim State Lottery Prizes Details

Prize No.Amount
1st Prize1 crore
consolation prize 1000
2nd Prize9000
3rd Prize500
4th Prize250
5th prize120

How to Check Lottery Results Today

If you want to check Sikkim Lottery Result then follow all the steps below –

1: At first, you go to the official website of the Sikkim lottery i. e.

2: Then you go to the navigation menu bar and search Sikkim lottery results.

3: Now you see the bottom of the lottery result and click it.

4: Then you see all results are available.

5: Click the PDF and Download this result


Where I can check Sikkim Lottery Result?

You can check your Sikkim Lottery Result on the official website or throw our website

When are the Sikkim Lottery Results Announced?

It can be found on the official website for the 01 pm, 06 pm, and 08 pm time slots.

What is the First Price for Sikkim Lottery?

The Sikkim Lottery First Price is Rs. 1 crore/-.


The Sikkim lottery results are published on the official website of the Sikkim lottery department. The lottery program has been in operation since 1978 and offers several different types of lottery schemes.

It is important to follow all guidelines to ensure a safe and fair gaming experience. Players should also be aware of any changes or updates made to the rules and regulations regarding this type of gambling activity.

To check Sikkim lottery results online follow our website we update lottery results on time. We congratulate all the lucky winners of the Sikkim dear lottery scheme.

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