All Pakistan Prize Bond Winning Amount latest 2022

All Pakistan Prize bond winning amount latest 2022  and numbers of the amount in PKR RS, 100, RS,200, RS, 750, RS, 7500, RS, 15000, RS, 25000 and 40000 with 40,000 Premium amount check below in the table. You can also check the number of prizes on the list. The winning amount of All Pakistan Prize bond is different according to the Prize bond price. These amount of All Pakistan Prize bond and numbers of prizes are got from the Scheduled State Bank Of Pakistan.

First PrizeAmountNumber of Prizes2nd prize number of prizes3rd prizenumber of prizes
80,000,00040,000 Premium130,000,00035,00,0001696

Pakistan Government starts an interest-free National Prize bond of RS. 10 after the partition of the Sub-continent in 1960. After that, these prize bond was issued,5, 11, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 and 25000. This amount depends upon the prize bond amount.

Screenshot of Pakistan Prize Bond

The draw of All Pakistan Prize bond was held after three months under the Pakistan national saving. The prize bond of RS.5 was issued in 1964, RS. 10 IN 1960, and the prize bond of 40.000 was held in 1999.

All Pakistan Prize bond Schedule 2022

Check the All Pakistan Prize bond schedule for 2022. All results of the schedule are in the following table, which will be very helpful for those who want to know about the date and day held in 2022.

Serial NumberDraw NoDraw DateDraw CityBond Price
420th10-03-2022QuettaRs.40,000 Premium
55th10-03-2022RawalpindiRs.25,000 Premium
106th10-06-2022HyderabadRs.25,000 Premium
1121st10-06-2022MuzaffarabadRs.40,000 Premium
1622nd12-09-2022KarachiRs.40,000 Premium
177th12-09-2022FaisalabadRs.25,000 Premium
228th12-12-2022LahoreRs.25,000 Premium
2323rd12-12-2022MultanRs.40,000 Premium

You can save and download the latest prize bond draw schedule for 2022. All information about prize bond draw, time, day, and City with an update on Every Bond Event held 4 times in a year means after 3 months.

I hope this information will be useful for you to know about the winning prize of All Pakistan Prize bond.

Is the date of Prize Bond Draws fixed?

Yes, the draw date is fixed before starting a new year.

Where and how I can check Prize Bond Result?

You can check the prize bond number and match that number with the winning numbers. if the complete number is mated then you are lucking and winning, and you can also check the latest prize bond result on

Can i Download the Schedule of the Prize Bond?

Yes, it is easy just right-click on the prize bond schedule 2022 and save it.

What should I do after winning the prize bond?

you can get the amount of the prize bond from the State Bank of Pakistan within 6 years. you need just the original CNIC and the original Prize bond.

who can purchase Prize Bonds?

All people who have Pakistani Nationality and have Pakistani valid CNIC.